MGM Goes Paperless
In order to better serve our customers, MGM is going paperless.  Our goal is to make your HOA records as accessible as possible, and to find ways to save your HOA money.  By eliminating postage, your HOA can save money.  We want to take the stress out of the unknown, completely, while allowing your association Internet access to all of your records online.  See our list of services.

If you are interested in speaking with MGM about HOA online management, please contact us at (208) 846-9189.

MGM is food drive donation center

MGM is food drive donation center
MGM is a designated collection center for this year's Idaho Food Bank.  Bring your nonperishable cans to our office.
Release Date: 11/20/2014

Going Paperless with MGM

Going Paperless with MGM
MGM converts to online association management to increase service. 
Release Date: 11/7/2014

Homeowner Association Governance

Homeowner Association Governance
Strong correlation between effective Boards and the condition their HOA.
Release Date: 10/7/2014


Decreasing HOA exposure to liability.
Release Date: 9/3/2014

Our Commitment


MGM Association Management specializes in evaluating and assessing homeowner associations throughout the Treasure Valley. By pinpointing underlining challenges, MGM has become the largest association management service in Idaho. Our focus is to take direction from your Board, so that your subdivision can thrive. More about MGM
Please contact us if you have any comments or questions.


"Mike and his staff have continued to provide the services we expect. Mike would never admit it, but there are many times when he goes above and beyond what we're paying for, or what we ask for. We're careful not to abuse Mike's generosity, but I find it reassuring that I know Mike rarely says no to a request we have from the HOA."
"Moving forward, I'm so confident in MGM's services, I pushed at our last Board meeting to renew an extended contract with MGM even though we're not set to expire until next year. I have high admiration and respect for Mike and his staff at MGM."
"I look forward to continue our relationship - keep up the great work!'
Troy Van Houten

Millcreek Board Member

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